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100% Neutral third party inspection
Our inspectors will maintain absolute neutrality inspection service. Inspection results can not be changed through negotiation.
Superior Services
50+ experienced inspectors to protect your products in China, let your purchase safer and easily.
Our services are customized according to clients' different requirements, making every effort to meet different requirements of different clients.
Product Inspection:
USD 209/Man-day
Factory Audit :
USD 229/Man-day
NBN Inspection offers All-Inclusive charge for standard quality control , product inspection and factory audits in China.
NBN Efficiency NBN Efficiency
As the most efficient Chinese third party inspection Company, we send inspectors to any factory in China mainland within 24 hours, and Ningbo neighborhood city (Taizhou, Jinhua, Shaoxing, Hangzhou, Shanghai) within 18 hours. Delivery Report within 8 hours after inspection.
Frequently Asked Questions
1) How can I get started with NBN china inspection service ? 2) Can I formulate the inspection criteria and other requirements on my china inspection ? 3) What information does NBN inspection report include ? 4) How long does it take to get my report ? 5) Does NBN actually approve the shipment ? 6) Does NBN charge extra for inspecting more than one type of products during the same inspection? 7) How to sending an approved sample to NBN? 8) What is an AQL, and why is it such an important consideration for china third party inspection? 9) What is the difference between a "rejection" and a "hold shipment"? 10) How do inspections reduce costs in NBN ?
Quality Control In China
For years, Norm Inspection Service Co., Ltd. has widely accumulated rich experience in Chinese export products quality inspection, effectively conveyed the factory information to foreign clients and provided them with inspection services in china of good quality. Our practical experience helps us easily analyze some causes of quality problems of Chinese exports.
Initial Production Check(IPC)
Initial Production Check(IPC)
Initial production check (IPC) in general means the check is conducted when samples are confirmed, raw materials, auxiliary materials and accessories are delivered to ...
During Production Check(DPC)
During Production Check(DPC)
In general, during production check (DPC) means the product inspection is made when the number of finished goods accounts for 10-30% of that in orders. We suggest the DPC ...
Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)
Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)
Pre-shipment inspection means the final inspection conducted before shipment after all goods are produced. Theoretically, the goods completed mean those which complete ...
Container Loading Supervision (CLS)
Container Loading Supervision (CLS)
Does container loading supervision mean inspector supervising the process of loading the goods into the container? No, it’s not that simple. The following are our work content of CLS...
Production Monitoring (PM)
Production Monitoring (PM)
There is a wide work scope for production monitoring. Generally speaking, it means the inspector stays in the factory to carry out all random tests or 100% tests on production ...
Factory Audit (FA)
Factory Audit (FA)
The factory audit mentioned here and provided by us is “simple factory audit” and is mainly for the situation when the buyer finds a suitable supplier and intends to .

           How to perform quality control in China factory? Many importers may often deal with this question. NBN Inspection is a third party inspection company which experienced in factory audit and quality inspection services in China...