Footwear and garments inspection in China


Footwear and garment products is the main range of our inspection services, we have over 30 inspectors are good at footwears inspection and garments inspection. We provide the services for Mexico buyer, USA buyer and Russia buyer etc., the inspection location were at everywhere in China mainland.
Our inspection services mainly will be according to the requirement of our client, most of quality standard is apply AQL (CRI: 0/ MAJ: 2.5/ MIN: 4.0), the defectives after visual inspection must within AQL number, or the shipment will be defined as Failed.
Measuring inspection—inspector will select 10-20 pcs of sample in random to measuring. All result will no noted and showing on report.
We will conduct some necessary testing during inspection such as Needle Damage (for knitted garment), Color shading check, sticker test, Asymmetric check, Stretch test for elastic and knitted fabric, Pulling test for bottom or metal eyelet, Color fastness test etc. Otherwise, our inspector will check quantity of finished/packed goods, shipping marks, packing and packaging etc.
Our inspection report is detailed, it will be including complete information which the buyer would like to know.

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