How to save the cost of inspection services in China?



If your products need quality inspection in China, the inspection fee will be part of your purchase cost, sometimes a large part. So that it is very meaningful to arrange your quality inspection in reasonable to save the purchasing cost. Obviously, all saving action are based on effective control of product quality to help you will achieve the best results with cheaper costs.

      NBN Inspection has more than 8 years of experience in quality inspection industry in China, we hope to help you on quality inspection field in China, let’s talk about our suggestion.


l  Provide detailed requirement before inspection

The detail requirement and specification are very important, such as special requirements for products, testing requirements, measuring requirements, and provide packing layout for QC verify during inspection. In this way, inspector can be conduct the inspection service according to your instruction, also the report will show what you want to see.


l  Provide the exact inspection date

Mostly all inspection companies require that charge for temporary changes to the inspection date, possibly 50%-80% of the inspection cost. Therefore, please inform your inspection company asap if the date will postpone.

l  Use your own format of inspection report

If you have large number of shipment in China, and you need to hire number of inspection services, for example, more than 100 Man-day annual, then you can consider use your own format of inspection report. Because this way is not only accentuated your requirements of inspection, but also the report will be relatively simple, the inspection company can complete the product inspection and report audit relatively easily. So that they are willing to offer you the inspection services at a lower price.

l  Supplier pay for the cost of re-inspection

This is a reasonable request and is recognized by many China suppliers, so that buyer no need to pay if the shipment need re-inspection.

l  Seek out a reliable and lower cost of third party inspection company in China

There are more than 100 third party inspection companies in China including branch of international renowned inspection company like SGS, BV, AI… The cost of inspection are varies widely, ranging from $150~$320 probably.

        How to choose? We think the high cost of inspection company will not always provide you the satisfactory services, the most important is choose the inspection company who can provide the targeted services, also you need to consider the cost. We think that inspectors in different inspection companies are similar skills, whatever SGS, BV or other company, but the quality of inspection services mainly depends on the management and inspection service executed correctly. We suggest that you can choose the inspection company which offered usd150-usd230.

        In addition, we suggest that ask the inspection company to send a sample report for reference before you make the decision, check the structure, pictures, descriptions etc.


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