How to classify defects for footwear inspection?



China is major exporter of footwear products, the place of origin distribution in Wenzhou, Hangzhou, Quanzhou, Jinjiang, Fuqing city and so on. With consumers around the world demanding more quality of product, many customers have become more concerned about the pre-shipment inspection of footwear in China.

      NBN Inspection have ability to provide customers with objective and impartial inspection services in the field of footwear inspection and shoes inspection in China. The following information is the defects classify during footwear inspection, hope it will be helpful to you.


Grin through露底----MAJ
Poor glue at outsole--MAJ
Poor glue at outsole--MAJ
Poor cutting at edge of outsole----MAJ
Assembly gap on outsole--MAJ
Glue mark (Anywhere)—MAJ                                  任何地方的Glue mark
Damaged at insole----MAJ
Poor printing--MAJ
Needle hole----MAJ
Poor injection----MAJ
Raw edges/Glue failure----MAJ
Raw edges / Broken stitch----MAJ
Poor sewing on care label----MAJ
Poor seam----MAJ
Asymmetry / High-low ----MAJ
Missing stitch ---MAJ
Vanishing Pen Mark----MIN
Untrimmed material----MIN
Untrimmed Thread, out or inner over 1cm----MIN
Dirty stain----MIN
Uncut material ----MIN
Poor cutting--MIN
Small stains (dust, etc.) -- MIN
Skip stitch---MIN

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