How to control the quality of your product in China


Here are some thoughts and suggestion from us:
A. Choose the suppliers
Network platform is a good way, you can see almost all China suppliers on computer when you sit in your office even at home, but on internet only showing text, images, video and other information, some of these are exaggerated or false. Some of platform looks good like “Alibaba”, please check whether the supplier have the company certification on Alibaba and click the link to visit the official website of the supplier. The supplier is relatively reliable if they have a formal and older site.
In addition, please do not overlook the large exhibitions to create opportunity of face-to-face contact with the suppliers as much as possible. As well as this way can be ensured that the meeting supplier with a certain strength and also can be discuss many details during the meeting.
B. Screening with the information of supplier is very necessary, according to the reply information of the supplier, you will understand that which level of supplier’s product meets the needs of your market, not too high and not too low, because the more higher level of quality will be more expensive.
C. Then, you should be make on-site audits of these selected suppliers if you a large importer, including the scale of the factory information, technical force (research and development ability, technology level), quality level (quality system, inventory management, raw material control, production site management, production process control, management of unacceptable products, management of equipment/tooling, product traceability system, delivery capability and so on. Some of European and American buyers will attach importance to social responsibility (don’t hire child labor, discrimination etc.) also into consider.
       Ok! Give them a score after checking all points.
D. In the stage of testing production, it is necessary to make the verification of mold, small batch quality verification and confirming to the requirements before entering the mass production.
E. Evaluate the delivery, quality, cost, services and technology of suppliers every quarter or year to adjust the purchasing strategy of the following year.
F. During confirmation or production stage, if you send QC from your country to the factory in China, it will be high fees, as well as higher cost if establish an own QC team in China. So we suggest that hire a third-party inspection company to assist you to deal with everything about the quality issue.
    You may entrust us to carry out factory audit, during production inspection, pre-shipment inspection, container loading supervision services in China. Our services well be reducing your risk in purchase and brings you the cost saving.

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