The importance of QC services in China


Since 1979, China has gradually opened up to foreign trade, the total annual export volume has reached 200 billion us dollars by 2016. More and more buyers around the world are beginning to establish trade relationship with Chinese manufactures.
As the market competition becomes more and more intense, the final consumers have more choices, therefore, the price and quality of products are become more and more important. So, many of imports start to hire QC services in China, what is the significance of quality control services?
A. For the importers, the most obvious role of the QC service in China is to improve the quality of products and services. With reliable quality of products and provide high quality services are the kernel of each company, the final consumers are very sensitive and they are in a wide variety of choices, the products can be foothold in the market which must be withstand the test of quality. It is very important to control the quality of product through cooperation with local third-party inspection company in China.
B. Analysis and judgment of QC data. Inspection company could help to evaluate suppliers in China in regular according to the requirements of buyer, including production capacity, quality control system, the stability of product quality, the solution of the emergency ability, as well as the During production inspection and Pre-shipment inspection and issue the related data and report. On the one hand, it helps buyer to understand suppliers better as a reference standard for judging a supplier. The other side, it can increase the enthusiasm of manufacturers, make them to improve management level as far as possible, thus improving product quality.
C. Maximize the benefits of purchasers. Through the Chinese QC service, inspector will visit the factory to conduct quality inspection or container loading supervision before shipment, purchasers can learn more about the goods and choose to accept or reject the goods according to the inspection report, to take the initiative before making any decisions, and reduce the potential risk of sourcing in China significantly.

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