How to identify the quality during Jeans Inspection?


Jeans, in our time has a wide range of people, all seasons spring, summer, autumn and winter, everywhere, shining jeans cowboy sunshine, chic, generations of its rumors cowboy spirit. How should we inspect the jeans when we buying?


First of all, the most important thing is the fabric of jeans. Fabrics for a pair of jeans can be said that the pivotal point, which determines the level of jeans, the level of quality. In general, experts see the quality, style and price of ordinary people. Jeans are different as the other pants, the old jeans are valuable than the new, of course, the premise is that the fabric is better, the more washed the more beautiful, natural fade effect is very satisfactory, which is the value of the fabric.

Second, the version of jeans design. Pants version of the model is like a girl's posture, plump curve is the version, the skin is the fabric, if the body is bloated no type, even if the delicate skin and tender and delicate skin, it will be not really sexy. In most people's eyes, version and style is one thing, but it is not true. Jeans designed by designers to make people wear lively, Smart, the feeling of the sun, then this is a great jeans version. If you put on only the appearance of beautiful, the other completely do not feel, then this is a failure of the design.

Third, the processing category of jeans. Jeans production process is roughly divided into two steps: sewing and washing. Under normal circumstances, the sewing made the jeans, people can identify the pros and cons, such as pants edge is neat, there is no untrimmed thread or broken stitches, there is no incomplete etc.; The jeans after washing process, it can be imitation of the old, and wear and tear.

Fourth, jeans accessories - Jeans accessories are mainly those types, such as buttons, zippers, back skin card, waist belt and jeans tag. Although these accessories usually wear, only the zipper can affect the effect, the other will not be too obvious, but their quality does represent the grade of this jeans, like foreign high and low denim brand, in the zipper and button considerations It is done in place, very meticulous.

Above items are the main focuses of several identification during Jeans inspection, if everything is satisfied, you should verify the following points before you make the decision.

Jeans line style. Can be one hand and hold the waist, one hand pinch a leg, flat look after the overall line of pants, if the leg shape is bent, or if it is no flaw.
Belt. To be take a look at the belt is uniform, solid, and without any untrimmed thread.

Pocket pants. Look at the pants pocket fabric is satisfactory, workmanship is meticulous, or hastily.

Pants at front or back of the crotch and the crotch area front or back of the dislocation and imperfections slit.

Finally, put on the pants to try, feel the symmetry of his hands into the pockets, also feeling if it is comfortable.
In short, we must be careful when buying to buy a pleasing jeans.

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