Humidity is the most important reason for the cracking of solid wood furniture


The most important reason for the cracking of solid wood furniture is humidity, not temperature. In hot summer, air conditioning in the room easily lead to air is too dry. In this regard, to moderate the amount of open ventilation windows, so that not only beneficial to the owners' physical and mental health, also it is helpful for maintenance of solid wood furniture.
Solid wood furniture is similar as human skin, it will lose moisture and shrink automatically when the air is extremely dry, so that the surface there is a slight crack. But the solid wood material will inevitably occur damp deformation and cracking. However, if control of wood’s moisture content and improve the production process, we can greatly reduce the chance of cracking. In general, moisture content in wood below 10% is more suitable for the weather in the north.

Wet rag wipe 'replenishment'

Usually clean, it is best to use a little wet of rag wipe but do not over-wet, so that both play the effect of replenishment, but will not make furniture damp. Put water proof pad under the furniture legs which easy to absorb water, and keep enough space between wall or bathroom and the wood furniture. For colored furniture, we should avoid direct sunlight. Do not use acid, alkaline or gasoline solvent scrub, it will be easy to make solid wood flooring 'disfigured'.

made a solid wax 'mask' on regular basis

Although many solid wood furniture manufacturers make the products in rigorous drying process after the manufacture of the protection of solid wood furniture nursed back to health can not be taken lightly. Solid wood floor like the temperature below 28 ℃, humidity 50% -70% of the environment. Maintenance of solid wood furniture Nutrient ingredients is to maintain luster, weekdays can be protected wax or special detergent evenly applied to the furniture surface, and then gently wipe to maintain the luster and moisture.

Solid wood furniture in four seasons maintenance if possible

If the time and other conditions permit, in fact, solid wood furniture should be based on seasonal climate change maintenance. Under normal circumstances, each quarter should also be waxed once, so solid wood furniture looks shiny, and the surface will not be vacuuming, cleaning up easier. Only pay attention to daily cleaning and maintenance, in order to make solid wood furniture everlasting. Four seasons maintenance methods are as follows.

Spring: spring windy, floating in the air with a variety of pollen particles, willow flocs, dust, dust mites, fungi, these dirty things will be adsorbed in every corner of furniture, avoid cleaning with a damp cloth or dry rag, Otherwise it will cause the scratches on the furniture surface, do not use organic solvents, should use dry cotton cloth to wipe, if the furniture surface if very dirty, wash with mild soapy water, then wax the furniture after dry. In addition, the temperature changeable, spring rain, the climate is humid, the maintenance of wooden furniture this season should pay special attention to keep indoor ventilation, add a mat under furniture’s let if the ground too wet, otherwise the leg vulnerable to moisture corrosion.

Summer: rainy in summer, pay attention to often open the window ventilation, furniture placement should be properly adjusted to avoid direct sunlight, if necessary, covered with curtains. Due to the hot summer weather, people use air conditioners are also very high frequency, to be clever and reasonable use of air conditioners to protect the furniture.
Often to use the air conditioning can dehumidification, reduce the moisture absorption and expansion of wood, to avoid wet tenon deformation of the structural parts of the tongue and groove, but in the air conditioning when the temperature must be maintained at (15 ~ 25) ℃, and the furniture away from the air conditioning tuyere to avoid Huge temperature difference to furniture damage or premature aging.

Autumn: Autumn air humidity is relatively small, indoor air is relatively dry, wooden furniture is easier to maintain. Although the autumn sun is not as violent as the summer, the prolonged sun exposure and the already dry climate, the wood is too dry, prone to cracks and partial fading, therefore, to avoid direct sunlight. When the climate is dry, solid wood furniture to keep moisture.
Professional furniture care essential oils such as orange oil, which are easily absorbed by wood fibers, should be selected to not only lock the water in the wood to prevent the deformation of the wood, but also to nourish the wood and reproduce the luster of wood furniture from the inside to the outside.

Winter: winter climate is very dry, it can be said that the most taboo season of solid wood furniture, should pay more attention to maintenance. Climate is dry, try to shorten the window time, should use the humidifier to adjust the indoor air humidity, a lot of dry winter dust for the accumulation of dust on the furniture surface dirt maintenance methods and the same spring. It is worth reminding here is that the regular use of heating friends should be careful not to place the furniture near the heating, avoid the indoor temperature is too high.

As the standard of living is getting better and better, the aesthetic and the pursuit of high-quality wood furniture become the 'red man' in the modern family. Most of our friends around us know their own environmental protection features but do not know how to maintenance, spend a high price to buy brand-name furniture but have some problems because of poor maintenance, it will be very regrettable!

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