How to identify genuine leather and PVC leather during Leather products inspection?


When we inspect leather bags, shoes, leather furniture and other leather products, our inspector usual need to identify the material is genuine leather, PVC leather or PU lather. The most effective way is compare the production sample with client’s confirmed sample, check the color, surface texture, feel, smell and so on. But, if in the absence of client’s confirmed sample, how should we identify the material is genuine leather or PVC leather during inspection?

A. Look.
First look at the appearance of the leather, the genuine leather without foundation fabric, artificial imitation leather not has the fabric; The genuine leather has pores, imitation leather not have.

B. touch.
 Then touch it by hand, the PVC leather feels like plastic and luster, hands feel cold in winter, the genuine leather is comfortable.

C. smell.
The genuine leather smells will be animal fat (skin odor), but imitation leather is plastic taste.

D. Pressure
With the thumb press the leather, the genuine leather will be come into being small and uniform lough lines, the markings will be disappeared after thumb lift. The PVC leather will show the large lough lines, it will not disappeared after thumb lift. Because the genuine leather is more elastic and softer.

E. Observe
Look at the cross section, the genuine leather section is irregularly shaped fiber composition, scraping the broken skin fiber with a fingernail, no significant changes in cross section.
F. water
Put some fine water droplets on the genuine leather, the water will dispersion into pores a few minutes, you can see marked wet spots, absorb moisture.
G. Burn
 Burning genuine leather burns with the smell of hair, PVC leather is smell of plastic.

H. color.
 Genuine leather looks dark and soft, PVC leather looks bright.


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