Machined parts inspection services in China


NBN Inspection is a professional third-party inspection services provider in China. Our industrial components inspection services include hardware inspection and mechanical parts inspection, such as valves, water meters, custom casting parts, CNC machining parts. Our inspection engineers team can visit your factory everywhere in China for quality inspection and issue English report in next day.

The quality of mechanical parts is qualified or not, in addition to the use of the correct material, the correct finishing etc., the most important factor is to ensure that every dimension of the part can be match with design tolerances.
As we all know, CNC machine tool processing cannot guarantee the tolerance of the parts dimension, because the CNC machine have errors, the installation of cut tools will be error, and cut tool wear and tear during processing will produce errors, and even some workers never measuring dimensions during production, which can lead to the damage of a large number of product dimension or surface roughness after the cut tool is worn.

Therefore, for the precision mechanical parts quality control, quality inspection is a very important step. We suggest that buyer will arrange a Pre-shipment inspection before shipment. If there are any unqualified products, we may consider letting the factory full inspection and rework.
Inspection Cost: USD209/Man-day
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