Flashlight(torch)inspection services in China


With the development of technology, the manufacturing of flashlights is constantly improving in China. It becomes more and more beautiful, lighter, brighter, versatile, and more and more energy efficient. How do we inspection the flashlights in China factories? The following is the basic steps of the flashlight test:


A Light test.
According to the actual situation, the flashlight light level projected onto a clean wall (preferably white walls, more than three meters from the distance to the best of ten meters), look at the light-shaped circular spot if there are dark areas, if dark areas, then it may be that the light is not focused well and not aligned. Light center spot is in the light and shadow center.

B Brightness test.
According to the actual situation for testing. Conditional availability of integrating sphere (professional light source to have this device), but the most effective test is the use of light meter, at the above distance or greater distance, the spot light test various points of illumination, the far distance is more better.
C Seismic test
Free fall from the height of two meters, lenses and lights and each part cannot be broken.

D Waterproof test (tightness test).
Immersed to a depth of 0.5 meters of water, look inside the lamp and the battery parts and other parts of the interface is seepage or not.

E Appearance test:

See the appearance of Flashlight, the scratches, poor printing is not allowed, paint must be uniform. LOGO, packaging and printing are correct.


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