Stationery inspection services in China


We provide stationery inspection services in China for global buyers, the inspection includes product packaging, appearance, measuring inspection, functional test, drop test and mechanical properties test. At the same time our inspectors will verify the specific requirements of customers to check the consistency of the goods. Our purpose is to ensure the correct shipment to send to your warehouse.
The following items are our general test content:
1. Packaging inspection
Check whether the correct number of products packed in carton, check the packing method, not allow mixed packing, less loaded. The sub-plate must be inside of carton to ensure the product is protected.
Check whether there is a certificate, including the production date, shelf life, product name, size, quantity and manufacturer.

2. Appearance inspection
Check the product color or style is correct, the material is correct. Fonts, patterns should be clear and correct, no wrong printing, missed printing, no ink pollution.
Check the product surface whether deformed, damaged, scratched, smudged, broken, notched, dents, rust, flash and so on. No sharp edge on products in nonfunctional.

3. Structure and dimensions check
Checking the product structure is solid, well assembled, no accessories loose. Such as folder rivets, stapler joints, pencil boxes hinge and so on.
Check the product size model is consistent with the requirements of purchase order, not allowed outside the scope of universal tolerances.

4. Functional test
Check the product function to meet the requirements, not allowed the situations which affect the actual using, such as short pen writing, uneven stitching, eraser wipe not clean, folders loose, etc.

5. Drop test
Drop the product from the 36-inch height onto the rubber surface 5 times in the drop direction: front, rear, upper, one side, any other direction. And check if the product damages.

6. Wipe test
Use eraser to placed vertically on the surface of the product has a silkscreen area, down to exert 1, 1/2, 1/4 pounds of external force, in the appropriate length, according to the same direction ten times the friction, the product surface must without damage.

7. Pull and torque test
This test checks the assembly strength of the product, requires implementation it according to the actual specifications of product. If the product specifications are not specified, the tension required 10 kg force, torque requirement of 5 kg / cm. The product must not damage after testing.


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