Water Faucet inspection services in China



As a main source of faucets, China has been formed a mature industrial chain from raw material production, casting, machining and surface treatment. However, how to inspection and test the water faucets before shipment? In addition to confirm the packaging, LOGO printing, inspection appearance defects, test the weight, dimensions, our basic tests are the following:



1. Flow test
Installation the faucet in the nozzle flow pressure seal test board according to the state of use for testing. This indicator is to assess whether the faucet water-saving key element, the main reason of resulting in measurement of unqualified is that despite the installation of the nozzle faucet bubbler, but the quantity of bubbler layer is not enough or not installed the current limit device at the inlet, so that did not play a limited role of flow, could not achieve the effect of saving water.

2. sealing performance
Installation the faucet in the nozzle flow pressure seal test board according to the state of use then run on the test board to assess the state of the water faucet’s sealing property, if this test fails, the tap will appear leaking.

3. Pipe thread accuracy
This test is an important indicator of faucet’s assembling ability, we found it is high failure rate in our previous tests. If this test does not meet the requirements, it will cause the product to be used in the installation of difficult or even impossible to assemble, and it also may be leakage.

4. Hot and cold fatigue life test
Put the faucet into the high and low temperature alternating test chamber, the temperature changes of 3 cycles (95C and 20C alternately 12 hours into a cycle), and then put the faucet alternately immersed in 80C of water and room temperature water for 40 seconds, continuous 450 cycles. After that, check the sealing performance again.
Cold and hot fatigue test is to simulate the use of alternating cold and hot water to effect the life of the nozzle. After the product fatigue test, if the sealing performance is poor, it indicating that the service life of the product is short, the faucet will be leakage phenomenon happened after use of period of time.


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