How do we conduct quality inspection services in China?



Inspector’s Job description:

The main job is the final production inspection, control the quality of goods before shipment.

The inspector's work is strict and careful to inspection the quality of product, response the situation of the quality in objective and fair, and fill in the inspection report truthfully.

Avoid any quality defects cause delivery delays timely, and take emergency and remedial measures at the first time;

Reduce or avoid customer complaints, claims, returns and loss of business reputation arising from the receipt of inferior products;

Reduce the risk of compensation and administrative penalties for the sale of inferior products;
Verify the quality and quantity of the goods and avoid contractual disputes.

The type of inspection service

Pre-Production Inspection: inspector check the sampling of raw materials, processed products, parts for testing and quality inspection in random.
During Production Inspection: Check the quality of semi-finished product on production line or finished products, checks the mistakes and deviations, reports the errors to client.

Pre-Shipment inspection: Check the quantity, workmanship, colors, dimensions, weight, logo and label, packing etc. before shipment. The method of sampling according to AQL standard.

Container Loading Supervision: inspector should verify the correct quantity and correct goods loading in container. Write the remarks in report if any problem happened such as short loading, holes/rusty on container or any problem on packing, and take the photos of all process.



The inspector's working process:
The preparatory work
1. Contact the supplier one day before inspection to confirm the inspection. It will avoid the goods are not ready during inspection or no receptionist at factory.
2. Prepare inspection tools like calipers, micrometer diameter, tape measure, camera, lab dip, barcode scanner, computer etc. diameter micrometer, depth ruler, depth micrometer, calculator, thread gauge, inspection reports ... and other supplies
3. Read the inspection notice (inspection information) and client’s inspection requirements. In case of doubt, must be resolved before inspection.

Perform inspection at factory:
1. To understand the general situations of the goods before inspection, such as total finished quantity, total packed quantity. Whether the production is going on, if yes, must check the production line to find any problem if possible. Otherwise, inspector must check the warehouse to see the situations of the goods piled.

2. Check whether the cartons damaged.

3. Selection sample size according to the standard (usually AQL standard).

5. Check the product is damaged and is stored in good condition.

6. Verify the style of product whether match with order requirement, also check colors, size, logo printing, surface quality etc.

7. Check the product if with chamfering or burrs.

8. Perform the correct test, such as drop test, color shading test, Hi-pot test etc.

9. Workmanship for sample size

10. Inform the general situations of goods to the factory after inspection done. Ask the factory’s representative sign on draft report.

11. Leave the factory and make the inspection report.

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