Does a large number of quality testing is an inevitable connection with product’s quality?


We often see the ad that a product is so good, XX adapter connector after 20,000 times of plug test, XX button after 100,000 times press test. Does these large number of tests will reduce the product life? Will the good product reduce the service life after large number of quality testing?

Let us explain:

How durable the product is declared from manufacturer's advertisement, how long of the service life, it is not a loose talk. It is achieved through rational design, proven by proper and adequate verification testing.

The above service life test is usually carried out before the product development, these samples will not be into the market, they are also engineering test samples.
Some of responsible companies will be regularly and randomly sampling to test during mass production to see if they meet the certification criteria.
Of course, in order to ensure the consistency of product quality, every part of the product will go through a recognized process, and there will be raw material inspection to ensure that the specifications and standards are consistent so as to ensure that the finished product meets the quality requirements.

Regarding the sampling test, it will be based on the product function and the standard of the manufacture.

Such as the 20000 times test for socket, which just do the plug test on welded parts, no need do the testing on an entire finished product.

Under normal circumstances, the finished products must be scrapped after all the above service life test, not allowed it to put on the market, consumers can use it in rest assured.


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