4 methods to detecting air conditioner noise


Air conditioner noise is the noise generated during the operation of the air conditioner system, including the noise generated by the fan to escape into the room, and the regenerative noise at the end of the air duct. The noise generated by the fan, this is the rhythmic noise of the fan impact of the air and the random noise of eddy current caused.
The noise spectrum is relatively wide for axial fan, and the centrifugal fan is mostly low frequency of noise, then how to detect it?

1. Air conditioner air outlet

The main source of noise for air conditioner is the air outlet. When the air-conditioner is turned greater wind speed, the air-conditioning noise value will gradually increase, which is one of the main sources of air conditioner noise.

2. Loosening of the air conditioner panel

Air conditioner panel loose. When the air conditioner is used for a long period of time, the panel of the air conditioner can easily be loosened due to various reasons. Therefore, the vibration generated when the air conditioner operates can cause the panels to rub against each other and generate noise.

3. Air conditioner indoor unit installation

The connection between the installation of the air conditioner indoor unit and the connection of the outdoor unit also affects the actual use and noise of the air conditioner. If the installation of the indoor unit is not stable enough, when the outdoor unit is running, the copper pipe is connected to the indoor unit. After the indoor unit is not stabilized, it will be affected by the compressor, which will cause the indoor unit to resonate.

4. The compressor running

Air conditioner’s outdoor compressor. This is also one of the sources of air conditioning noise, compressor noise is too large will affect our normal use and rest.

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