Quality inspection of Bags


There are many kinds of bags, such as handbag, cosmetic bag, backpack, CD bag and so on, which are also rich in material use, such as leather, nylon, cotton cloth, PVC etc. Which factors should we check during the bags quality inspection? Let's talk about the inspection process.
Usually our client or the supplier will provide reference sample of bags or sacks for our inspection, the following points need pay more attention when inspector check the quality:

A. The pattern of brand, character, size of logo and the position must accordance with the reference sample.

B. Every dimension of the bags, colors, style, material, zipper, size of pocket and position, inside and outside of the bag must be adequate inspection.

C. The defectives of the bags & sacks, such as poor stitch, broken stitch, untrimmed thread, open seam, pleat etc.

D. The quality of the zipper, unsmooth zipper, zipper head damaged (repeatedly pull open a dozen times), drop, breakage etc.

E. Perform the loading testing according to client’s instruction.
F. Check the needle distance.


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