Inflatable products inspection China


Inflatable products are broadly divided into balls, leisure products, toys, and vehicles etc., it brings a lot of fun and convenience to our lives. In China, you can purchase a variety of inflatable products with favorable price.
As a third-party inspection company in China, our task is to strictly control the quality of products and allow the qualified products to be exported around the world.

So, how do we perform it during the quality inspection process? In addition to checking for appearance defects, there are some important tests and information checks.



1. Basketball, Football, Volleyball:

a) The color, size and position of the trademark on the sphere must be clearly and correctly printed (compare it with the reference sample).

b) Whether the position of the inflation valve is correct and whether there is gas pressure range indicated near by the inflation valve.

c) When inflated to a specific value, the circumference of the sphere is within the specified range.

d) When inflated to a specific value, the shape of the sphere is round, (no ellipse), and whether there is a local bulge.

e) According to the customer's requirements, check if the stitch of the ball is neat, the color of the stitching is correct and the number of stitches is correct, for example: 7 stitches/inch.

f) Air inflation to a specific pressure value for 24 hours. The leakage cannot exceed the customer's specified value.

2. Inflatable sofa:

a) Air inflation to the inspection sample according to required air pressure. Load test according to nominal rated pressure.

3. Inflatable swimming pools:
a)     At the beginning of inspection, are inflated according to customer specifications, placed at the end of the inspection and checked for leaks.

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