Defects to be aware of when candles Inspection


When inspecting the candle, Inspector should special sampling is required for the lighting test (usually 6-24 pcs), to confirm if the candle can be lit, how the burning condition is, and how long time the entire candle burns. Whether there will be a splash of wax or not, will it go out when it burns, whether the candle will ignite the desktop which placed. Candle size, diameter, height can be meet the data requirements.
It is necessary to observe whether the following conditions occur during combustion:

1. Is there too much black/white smoke.
2. Candles placed indoor should not have excessive flames. (Should not exceed 2 inches).
3. The dent defects at surface of candle.
4. Off-center burning.
5. Self extinguishing.
6. Wax oil flows out of the one side.
7. The wick bending.
8. The wick is bent into a ring and the top is immersed in wax oil.
9. Wax oil splash.

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