China FBA full inspection service


With the increasingly strong quality awareness of consumers and increasingly fierce competition in product sales, sellers have higher requirements on product quality control and quality inspection, especially in the Amazon market.
As a professional third-party inspection company in China, we provide Full inspection service before shipment for many Amazon sellers to ensure that almost 100% of products meet consumers' expectations.
What is full inspection
Full inspection is to inspect 100% of the shipment after the completion of orders, including appearance inspection, dimension/weight measurement, function test, packing inspection, etc. We can also perform the inspection according to the checklist of the client.
NBN full inspection product range
The products we can inspect include textiles, consumer goods, electrical and electronic appliances and mechanical parts.
NBN full inspection process
We can send inspectors to the designated factory for full inspection within 2 days after the client booked our inspection services. The working time of each inspector is about 6-7 hours per day. The specific procedures are as follows:
1. Verify the actual completed quantity of goods according to the packing list
2. Verify the appearance, specification, weight and packaging of products according to the client's information, and perform necessary performance tests
3. Inspect each product according to the checklist of the client and remove all defective products from the bulk
(each of the above processes will be photographed)
Full inspection fees
The base price of Full inspection is usd209/ man-day.
We will calculate the inspection time required for the whole batch of goods according to the quantity of products, specifications and inspection requirements provided by the client, and then calculate the number of man-days required according to 6-7 hours of working time for per man-day.
For example, 10 man-days are required for the full inspection of a batch of goods, and we can send 5 inspectors to the factory to complete all the inspection within 2 days.
Inspection report
If you need to reference our Example Full Inspection Report, please contact the e-mail:
Notice of full inspection
1. Inform your supplier that the goods will be fully inspected and confirm that they are subject to inspection
2. Confirm the accurate inspection date
3. Generally speaking, the goods should not be packed before full inspection. This is to protect the product and packaging, and can save inspection time.


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