How to inspect the Child safety seat?


Generally, when we buy a child car seat, we will look at the details of the product. In fact, many products are not so veritable. This requires consumers to improve their quality inspection skills and learn to inspect child car seats by themselves. Here you can check in the following ways.


1.Query the authenticity of 3C certification

"CCC" logo pattern is composed of basic pattern and certification type labeling. It adopts 10 kinds of anti-counterfeiting measures, such as instant destruction, fluorescent anti-counterfeiting, laser anti-counterfeiting, and miniature text processing. The most important anti-counterfeiting measure is digital anti-counterfeiting technology. Each "CCC" mark has a unique code, and each code has a corresponding manufacturer and product. At the time of the issuance of the certification mark management center, the code has been corresponding. The products are entered into the computer database, and consumers can search through the code through the national quality certification center.

2. Repeatedly pull the inspection buckle

The buckle of the child safety seat is a very important part. After the product arrives, the owner must repeatedly pull and check to see if it is easy to loose and whether there is a large gap at the joint. Difficult to pull out.

3. See if the back material is injection molded

In the processing of child seat plastic molds, there are two main processes: injection molding and blow molding. The quality of plastic parts determines whether they will break in the event of an accident. But if you want to judge the blown and injection seat from the appearance, you still need some skills.

The blow molding process is easy to leave burrs, and the surface is not as smooth as injection molded products. You can compare whether the plastic surface is uneven and whether there are more burrs. However, because black can well cover up this burr, it is very obvious to the naked eye.

4, look at the head shock-proof material
For head protection, the most important thing is the choice of seat padding. For this check, you need to take the cloth cover apart to see the fillings inside. There are two main types of child safety seat fillings: EPS and EPP. There is no big difference between the two in terms of shock absorption. From the visual distinction, EPP is bright and EPS is matt. In terms of buffering effects, EPS is better.

5, see if the seat fabric is delicate

The fineness of the seat fabric directly affects the child's riding comfort. When purchasing, parents cannot detect whether the fabric contains harmful substances, but they can choose "no odor" products as much as possible. In addition, after you receive the product, you can see how tough it is by pressing or pulling with your hands. The elastic fabric will be more comfortable to sit.
After the child car seat arrives, check it according to the above points. Those that meet the above requirements are guaranteed in quality and comfort. Parents can rest assured to install and use!

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