How to control the quality of your products in China before Chinese New Year



The Spring Festival is the most grand and the longest holiday in China. In general, the quality of shipments in China before the new year will be lower than the average. Of course, this is an unavoidable fact. If we pay attention to this, early prevention or removal of possible omissions will greatly help your product quality meet expectations and deliver on time.


Unfavorable factors for shipment before the Spring Festival

1. Due to the workers successive leave factory, the supplier's order delivery time is tight, which makes the workers' average overtime longer.

2. At the end of the year, some workers have already entered the holiday season and are unable to focus on their work.

3. The traffic before the Spring Festival is heavier, resulting in delayed arrival of materials.

4. Some suppliers leave early, making it impossible to supply accessories.


1. Select suppliers with stable production capacity and quality control capabilities

There are millions of manufacturing companies in China.
Their production scale, management capabilities, and quality control capabilities are also different. If you cooperate with high-quality suppliers, it will be beneficial to product quality management. It is necessary to audit the factories before working with them. You will find one that suits you best from three or five potential suppliers. This will make your business easier.

2. Confirm your order early

It is recommended that you make a longer-term purchase plan, and confirm the order with the supplier 3 months to 6 months before the scheduled shipment date. Then the supplier will have enough time to arrange the production of parts and assembly work. In addition, we recommend that you must clearly specify the relevant compensation clauses for delayed delivery in the order terms, which will not only restrain the supplier to a certain extent, but also minimize the loss caused to you by the delay of the order.

3. During production inspection and Pre-shipment inspection of your shipment

During production inspection is the quality inspection of finished products and semi-finished products when the order is completed 10% -30%. This includes workmanship, product style verification, artworks verification, production progress, etc. It will help you identify problems early, as well as important references for goods correction or rework.

Pre-shipment inspection is a comprehensive quality inspection of the goods after 100% of the order is completed. Our inspectors carry out spot inspections of the goods according to AQL standards to ensure that the quality and safety of the products meet your expectations.


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