What is the significance of product quality certification?



Product quality certification is also known as product certification and conformity certification. Product quality certification can be divided into two types: compulsory certification and voluntary certification. What is the significance of product quality certification? Below we will give you a detailed introduction to this issue.


The significance of product quality certification:

    The purpose of implementing product quality certification is to ensure product quality, improve product reputation, protect the interests of users and consumers, promote international trade and develop international quality certification cooperation.

  Its significance is embodied in the following aspects:

1.Improve product quality reputation and competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets

    After the products have obtained the quality certification certificate and certification mark and published them through registration, they can improve the credibility of their product quality in the fierce domestic and international market competition, which is conducive to occupying the market and improving the economic efficiency of enterprises.

2. Improve the quality level of commodities and comprehensively promote economic development

    The implementation of the product quality certification system can promote comprehensive quality management of enterprises and timely resolve quality problems found in certification inspections; it can strengthen the state's effective supervision and management of product quality and promote the continuous improvement of product quality levels.
  At the same time, products that have achieved quality certification can also reduce the cost of repeated inspections and assessments.

3. Provide product information, guide consumption, protect consumer interests, and improve social benefits

    When purchasing goods, consumers can obtain reliable quality information from the certification registration announcement or from the certification marks on the goods and their packaging. After comparison and selection, they can purchase satisfactory products

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