How to inspect the floor mats


Floor mats have become a must-have item for people's homes. The Chinese manufacturing market can provide a variety of floor mats. Their quality and materials are also very different. If you purchase unqualified products, then The adverse effects of your business products.
For floor mat products, function is the fundamental criterion for measuring their quality, such as dirt retention, sand scraping, and water absorption. On the other hand, good floor mats should be easy to maintain, do not need to spend too much manpower and material resources, and should also be durable and environmentally friendly, and the colors can be kept beautiful for a long time.



Floor mat quality standards can refer to the following aspects.

1. Safety

Qualified floor mats have good ground adhesion and can hold the ground firmly and evenly. No curling, no waves, no arches, no sliding.

2. Environmental protection

In order to save costs, synthetic absorbent pads, "welcome pads", elevator pads, non-slip pads, and water-proof pads, which are made of harmful garbage, recycled materials, and recycled materials, are not available on the market. Odor, and even release harmful gases, endanger human health.

3. Strong and durable

High-quality floor mats are made of special materials, non-toxic, harmless, odorless, abrasion-resistant, and step-resistant. Qualified floor mats can be used for at least 2 years without losing their appearance and function. The degree of wear resistance and step resistance is not reliable enough, it is easy to be damaged and deformed, but it causes hidden dangers.

4. Easy to clean and store

High-quality floor mats can be cleaned with conventional tools and equipment, and are easy to maintain. There is no need to turn the floor mat upside down for cleaning. It should also be machine washable and dry. Machine wash of inferior mats is easy to lose hair and fade. The bottom of the high-quality floor mat and the carpet surface are made of special materials, which are relatively soft, can be rolled up when not in use, saving space and not easy to break. The bottom of the poor quality mat and the surface of the carpet are rough, and it is easy to break when rolled up.

5. Beautiful and stain-resistant

High-quality floor mats have a dirt-storage design. The structure of the cut pile and the density characteristics of the fleece allow the adsorbed stains to settle to the bottom of the floor-mat without affecting the aesthetic appearance of the floor, while poor-quality mats do not have such a dirt-storing function.

Floor mats belong to home textiles. For its safety and health, the most authoritative monitoring standard in the world is the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 international ecological certification, passing this certification means that it is harmless to the human body, and its brand and products have been awarded the "Confidence Textile" title. Similarly, there is a "China environmentally friendly carpet" inspection in China. At the time of purchase, you can find such inspection marks on the packaging, if it indicates that their safety and health performance is guaranteed. The most direct identification method is to touch the surface of the mat with your hands to see if it is shed, if there is color difference, and if it has a pungent odor. Quality mats, especially synthetic mats, should be odor-free.


If you choose a door mat, you can test its sand scraping function. The specific method is as follows: step on the mat with both feet on the sand or dirt, and then step on the white paper. Then observe whether the dirt remains on the white paper. If it does, it means that the floor mat has a poor decontamination function. This test can be repeated several times to prove the effect of the floor mat after continuous use. If you choose a mat that has a strong water absorption effect, you can get wet with both hands and press it on the mat to see if there is any water left on your hand. If there is no residue, it proves that it has good water absorption.

NBN Inspection provides quality inspection services for floor mats in China.

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