How to inspect Hairpiece


In today's market, the demand for hairpiece is increasing. Inferior hairpiece not only affect aesthetics, but also shorten their service life. Let's take a look at some important links in the wig(Hairpiece) inspection:

A. Performance Testing
Strength check –Seaming strength test with normal force by hand
--Sample size S2
Rub test –Use a white cotton cloth to rub the fabric. Rub the item 10 times over a 10 cm distance with a force of 9N (1kg).
--Sample size S2
B. Visual inspection

1. Visual
From a visual perspective, the first feeling of a good wig is real and natural. Fine workmanship and high-quality hair are the first elements to distinguish the good and bad of wigs. Second, the appeal of style is also important to personal preference.

2, feel
poor wig feels dry, heavy and old-fashioned. High-quality wigs have a uniform weight, light weight and richness, and a smooth feel, which is a very natural feeling.

3. Workmanship
It is normal for wigs to have hair loss. Poor wigs are particularly easy to fall off and difficult to take care of. The eye of the scalp is thick and the hairline is crowded, which makes it easy to fall off the scalp. The internal mesh cap is rough by hand and difficult to dissipate heat.
4. Safety
Look at the manufacturers. Usually, the wigs produced by small wig manufacturing factories are usually doped with inferior hair or made of inferior hair in order to make the most profit.

Purchase reminder:

Buying a wig should be based on skin color, height, and face shape. If the skin is black or yellow, choose black. Other colors will be unhealthy. White skin is very good, and all colors look good, especially light brown. If it is not high, don't choose too long, otherwise you will be short, highlight long hair down to the chest, round head If you want to be more round, choose a short hair BOBO head, and if you want to trim it longer, you should choose long or oblique bangs to have short hair that can cover the cheekbones, or long curly hair.


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