How to inspect outdoor mosquito traps



The working principle of outdoor mosquito traps is to mimic the humid odor of carbon dioxide exhaled by humans and the ultraviolet light that mosquitoes like. It attracts mosquitoes around it. There is a fan inside the mosquito trap. Its air flow can suck mosquitoes into the internal filter. After 12-24 hours, the mosquito will slowly dry out and die.




So what factors should we pay attention to during the inspection of outdoor mosquito traps?

Cable check
The cable should meet the technical requirements of the target market, and the specifications of the cable should also meet the order requirements of the purchaser.



2. Switch on test

Put through power supply and turn on the switch, the traps must work normally, including the UV TUBE and fan.


3. Waterproof test

Since this is a product that has been placed outdoors for a long time, it should be able to withstand rainwater splashes from all directions without damage, and it will not affect the function. The recommended waterproof rating is IP66.

4. Internal circuit check

The wiring path should be smooth, without sharp burrs, and the wire connection should have an insulating sheath, and the wires should not be exposed directly. The parts should be fixed on the shelf, not shaking, no rust and no damage.

5. Visual inspection

Any serious surface defects are not allowed, such as burrs, cracks, scratches, etc. Surface defects will affect the beauty of the product and even affect the product function.


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