Waterproof rating of outdoor lamps


The lamps are divided into indoor lamps and outdoor lamps. As outdoor lamps, it naturally needs many other functions, such as waterproofing. Whenever it rains, outdoor lamps can still be used normally, which is the basic requirement for outdoor lamps. Next, let's look at the waterproof rating of outdoor lamps.

The IP protection rating system was drafted by the IEC. Electrical appliances are classified according to their dust and moisture resistance. The foreign objects referred to here include tools, and human fingers must not touch the live parts in the appliance to avoid electric shock. The IP protection level is composed of two numbers. The first number indicates the level of dustproofness and protection from foreign objects of the lamp, and the second number indicates the tightness of the lamp against moisture and water intrusion. high.

For example, the LED lamp means that the LDE lamp can completely prevent the intrusion of foreign objects or dust, and prevent the water emitted from the mouth from various directions from entering the LED lamp and causing damage. At present, most of the outdoor LED lights used in China adopt IP65 protection level, and the protection levels of LED lights used in the world are mostly based on IP65 protection level. With the continuous development of technology, the natural environment has become more extreme, and humid weather has become more and more. The IP65 protection level of lamps is not enough, so major manufacturers have introduced IP66 waterproof protection levels. Has launched an IP67 protection rating.

At present, there are many companies that can customize the waterproof and dustproof solutions of the lamps and lanterns, which can reach the IP65, IP66, IP67 waterproof and dustproof levels of outdoor lighting lamps such as LED lamps and solar lamps.

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