Container Loading Inspection Services in China


Container loading inspection is an important part of the cargo shipment process. It can ensure that the correct cargo is safely loaded into the container and with the correct quantity. NBN provides Container Loading Supervision services in China, here are the details of our services.


A. What is Container Loading Inspection(CLI)?

CLI is to load products into containers under supervision and meet the following requirements:

1. Product specifications and quantities meet the order requirements.

2. The product packaging meets the requirements of the order, no damage, no humidity, no pollution, and clear shipping marks.

3. The container is not damaged and rusted, and the product placed in the container is suitable for transportation.

B. Process of Container Loading Inspection

1. Contact the supplier according to the buyer's information and confirm the exact time of container arrival. The inspector must arrive at the factory at least 2 hours before the container arrives.

2. When the inspector arrives at the factory, he must confirm the arrival time of the container again.

3. Check the product quantity according to the buyer's packing list (the number of outer boxes must be counted).

4. Verify shipping marks and packing method are correct.

5. Check the carton and internal packaging for defects such as damage and moisture.

6. Verify that the styles, colors, etc. of the products in the bulk product to meet the order requirements.

7. After the container arrives, the inspection requirements for the empty container:

   No damage, clean floors, clear container numbers.
   If it’s daytime, you can close the door to see if there is light leakage.
   On a rainy day, you can observe whether there are water marks on the floor, the wall of the box, or the top of the box.
The supplier must be clean the container if the floor is dirty.

8) Take pictures
 Each step above must be photographed to prove, and the pictures during the loading process include:

 0% loaded
25% loaded
50% loaded
75% loaded
100 loaded
Close the right door
Both doors closed

There should be a partial close-up of the locked position after locking
Take a picture of Lock number.

C. Frequently Asked Questions

When the volume of the cargo is relatively small, the first half of the container may be full, and the second half of the container may be empty. This will cause an unbalanced weight at both ends, and may cause the carton to fall and cause damage. Therefore, we should keep the carton inside the container in a relatively horizontal state, and the drop should not be too large. At least each stage must have a buffer of 2-3 cartons.

If the weight of the carton is not the same, then the heavy one should be placed on the bottom, and it is best to put it on the front, back, and middle to avoid the weight of the two ends of the container being different.

In addition, the last row must be discharged to the doorway, and there must be no obvious gap in the middle.

The inspector is responsible and obliged to remind the factory to do this during the Loading inspection process, otherwise it must be remarked in the report.

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