Inspection method of gold jewelry


According to whether the inspection process caused damage to the product, the gold jewelry inspection methods can be divided into non-destructive detection and damage detection. The former does not damage the appearance of gold jewelry, and the second one needs to destroy the appearance of the product and cannot be restored.



1. Non-destructive inspection-water hanging method

That is, the Archimedes' law is used to test the density of gold jewelry and compare it with the standard value. The advantage of the water suspension method is that it is simple to inspect and does not cause damage to gold jewelry. the water suspension method mainly uses density as the basis for inspect. If the product is doped with a metal close to the density of gold, this method cannot be discriminated. Therefore, the water suspension method has many limitations when used. Moreover, the hollow technology in gold jewelry is widely used, and the water hanging method cannot detect hollow products.

2. Damage Detection-Fire Melting

High temperature melts gold jewelry into a liquid before testing. This method is more reliable than the water suspension method, but it is destructive, so investors must first approve it when testing. In some banks' repurchase centers and redemption operations in jewelry processing shops, the melting method is often used.

3. Spectrum analyzer-In fact
It is more reliable to use a fluorescence spectrum analyzer for spectral analysis, but due to the high cost of the equipment, there are not many testing centers with such equipment. Some banks' precious metal repo centers may have a fluorescence spectrum analyzer that can detect gold jewelry.

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