What kind of trekking pole is better?


The trekking pole is an important auxiliary device used in mountaineering. It can bring many benefits to climbers, such as improving the stability of walking and reducing the burden on the legs. According to research, using trekking poles while walking can reduce at least 22% of the force exerted on muscle joints such as the legs and knees, making the legs feel more comfortable! And using two trekking poles at the same time can provide better balance.

When buying trekking poles, various styles and materials will be dazzling. I don't know how to choose a good trekking pole that suits you. So how to choose a trekking pole that suits you?

When choosing a trekking pole, note that:

A. Material of trekking poles
At present, the most popular hiking poles in the market are aluminum alloy and carbon fiber materials. They are both lighter, but compared to carbon fiber materials, they are lighter, more flexible, and have a longer service life. .

B. Selection of trekking pole handle
The handles of trekking poles are generally divided into three types: rubber, EVA, and cork, but now there are two of them combined, such as cork + EVA, etc. For these types of handles, it is purely personal preference. In addition, rubber handles are generally cheap, but do not absorb sweat and are not suitable for summer use; EVA and cork handles are softer and can absorb sweat.

C. Material of wristband
Wristbands are generally made of nylon, but it is better if there is velvet in the inner layer where it contacts the skin, so as not to hurt the arm.

D. Material of the head
The head is usually a tungsten alloy.

E. Choose trekking poles that can be retracted or folded.
Such trekking poles are easy to carry, but it is best to bring shock absorbers.

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