China's daily output of masks exceeds 100 million



March 03, 2020 03:41 Source: CHINANEWS

China's daily production capacity of masks exceeded 100 million

The Development and Reform Commission said that the daily output was 12 times earlier in February, further alleviating the contradiction between supply and demand for masks.

On March 2nd, the Development and Reform Commission released news that China ’s daily production capacity of masks has continued to increase rapidly and both have exceeded 100 million.

According to the schedule, on February 29, including ordinary masks, medical masks, and medical N95 masks, the daily production capacity of masks nationwide reached 110 million, and the daily output reached 116 million, which were 5.2 times and 12 times respectively on February 1. The contradiction between supply and demand of masks was further alleviated. Among them, the daily production capacity of medical N95 masks reached 1.96 million and 1.66 million, respectively, which effectively addressed the protection needs of frontline medical staff.

Guarantee and Supporting the expansion and production of enterprises "I feel that masks are not so difficult to grab"

According to the news from the Development and Reform Commission, since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the National Development and Reform Commission has made great efforts to promote the resumption of production of mask companies, and to guide and support the expansion, production and conversion of enterprises. The reporter noticed that as of February 22, the daily output of masks in China has reached 54.77 million, of which the daily output of N95 masks has reached 919,000. By February 25, the daily production capacity of masks nationwide exceeded 70 million. At the same time, in addition to Tibet, 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities have successively launched new mask production lines, and new mask production lines have been continuously put into operation.

A number of mask manufacturing companies interviewed by the reporter previously gave up the Spring Festival holiday, and recalled employees who have been on vacation in various ways, in an effort to resume production. Many companies have paid 3 times or even 5 times the wages to work overtime. However, because the resumption of work in the upstream supply chain is later than that of mask companies, the supply of raw materials is not stable, and the return journey of employees is only in place one after another. The production capacity of these mask manufacturers has experienced a climbing process. Recently, when a reporter from the Beijing News visited a mask manufacturer, some business owners said that not only can it reach full capacity, the company has also purchased a new production line to further expand its production capacity.

In addition, the reporter noticed that in Zhengzhou, Shenzhen and other cities, local governments also distribute masks through a unified appointment and distribution method. According to official Weibo news from Zhengzhou, from March 2nd, the daily mask distribution volume in Zhengzhou will reach 200,000, and the number of purchases per person will increase to 10. Citizens need to make appointments online through their ID numbers. They make appointments at 9:30 am and 2 pm, and each time 100,000 appointments are issued. In Shenzhen, starting March 3, 300,000 masks will be issued free of charge every day.

Many Beijing residents interviewed by the Beijing News reporter also said that the probability of "grabbing" masks on e-commerce platforms is also much higher than before. Huang Ling (pseudonym) of Chaoyang District told reporters that she had previously made appointments or snapped up masks at multiple e-commerce sites, large and small, but every time she opened the page, it was sold out, and sometimes even the webpage crashed. . In the past two days, when she saw the arrival information again, she had no hope at all and grabbed it twice in a row.

"I don't think it's as difficult to grab as before." Huang Ling said that the 20 masks grabbed twice, plus the remaining ones, can last at least another month.

Dilemma Meltblown cloth price rises to 200,000-300,000 Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Production raw material capacity is sufficient

At present, with the large increase in the demand for masks, the price of melt-blown cloth is still rising, and it is still causing concern. Previously, the normal price of meltblown cloth was more than 20,000 yuan per ton. At present, the market price of meltblown cloth has reached more than 200,000 yuan, if there is an intermediary price increase, it can reach 300,000 yuan.
Medical masks contain at least 3 layers of non-woven fabric, and the middle layer is a meltblown layer, which mainly plays the role of filtering bacteria. It can be said that meltblown cloth is the core of the filtering performance of medical masks and N95 masks. A mask manufacturer in Jinan told reporters that meltblown cloth is very tight, there is no spot, and the price is nearly 300,000 per ton. The manufacturer, which is setting up a production line, has not yet found a supplier of meltblown cloth. In addition, a trade company in Dalian told reporters that meltblown cloths can be provided, but recently it was only available on March 25th. N95 was quoted at 230,000 yuan per ton with meltblown cloth.

The reporter noticed that on February 21st, the client program of the State Council launched the “Docking Zone for Supply and Demand of Key Medical Prevention and Control Material Production” to help the demand for medical prevention and control material production enterprises. On the demand side, a large number of companies are "eagerly seeking" and "urgently buying" meltblown cloth, and some companies claim that "the mask machine has arrived and there is a shortage of meltblown cloth production".

As the main producer of polypropylene for meltblown cloth, Sinopec has announced on February 24 that it will invest about 200 million yuan to build 10 meltblown cloth production lines. The meltblown cloth output of 10 production lines can produce 3.6 million pieces of N95 masks or 18 million pieces of medical flat masks every day. The production line has not yet been put into production.

It is worth mentioning that various local governments have adopted various measures to ensure production and sales in the procurement of raw materials and market supply. In the context of rising raw material prices for masks such as meltblown cloth, Liao Jiaming, general manager of Hengming Medical in Chengdu, Sichuan, told the Beijing News that the price of meltblown cloth in Chengdu is relatively stable. Taking Hengming Medical as an example, the raw materials for the company's current production of masks are coordinated by the government, and the produced masks are also uniformly allocated by the government for storage and distribution. Therefore, although the price of raw materials has increased, the overall control is relatively controllable.

Regarding the machinery for producing masks, Liao Jiaming said that the current price of a mask production machine in Chengdu is 300,000 yuan, which is higher than the usual price of 200,000 yuan. In his opinion, this increase is not significant because the government helped control it.
The National Development and Reform Commission previously stated that the focus of the guarantee work is gradually shifting to general medical care and ordinary masks. Key tasks include promoting the full recovery of mask companies, supporting increased production and capacity, and ensuring the coordinated operation of the entire industry chain, actively coordinating key raw materials and equipment companies such as meltblown nonwovens, mask machines, and parts and components to accelerate production. In addition, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also said that the raw materials for the production of masks are mainly high-melt-fiber polypropylene, and domestic production capacity is relatively sufficient. In 2019, domestic production is about 900,000 tons, and one ton can produce 900,000 to 1 million pairs of disposable surgical masks. 200,000-250,000 pairs of protective masks.
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