In China, Pre-shipment inspection of masks is imminent


Due to the impact of the pneumonia virus, masks on the market became the most demanding product overnight. The Chinese government strongly supports the production of masks and encourages enterprises from all walks of life to enter the mask manufacturing industry. As of February 29, China's mask manufacturers increased from the original 600 to more than 40,000. Including ordinary masks, medical masks, and medical N95 masks, the daily output of masks nationwide reached 116 million, which is 12 times that of February 1.

Such a huge increase in production has caused a lot of instability to the quality of the masks. Therefore, pre-shipment inspection of masks is very important. We help importers control product quality and minimize quality risks.

Potential quality risks:

1. The price of meltblown which is a key raw material for masks, has reached RMB 200,000-300,000 / ton (more than 10 times the price), and the supply of supplies is scarce. If substitute materials are used, the filterability of the mask will not meet the standards.

2. The quality and performance of masks (counterfeit products) produced by factories that have not passed the approval of the national health department are likely not to meet quality standards.

3. There are many new mask manufacturers who are unfamiliar with the manufacturing process or test standards of the products, which brings potential risks to the final quality of the goods.

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