Inspection method of outer rotor motor


Brushless outer rotor motor has the characteristics of high efficiency, low noise, light weight, compact structure, easy installation and maintenance. It is widely used in unmanned aerial vehicles, heat pumps, condensers, air-conditioning equipment, electronic equipment air supply or heat dissipation, etc.

Testing and inspection of outer rotor motors:

A. Motor size.
During the inspection, the dimensions of the motor components must be measured.
1. The total length of the cable, the exposed length of the inner wire and the exposed length of the bare wire.
2. The length, diameter and minimum diameter of the motor shaft (at the cut surface) and the tolerance of the diameter are relatively high, so use a micrometer to measure.
3. External dimensions of the motor
4. Mounting dimensions of motor screw holes (special thread calipers are required for measuring screw holes)


B. Nameplate Check
The parameters on the motor nameplate must match the actual parameters, the actual parameters obtained after the test are compared with the parameters on the nameplate, and the error should be within a certain range.


C. Check bearings and seals

During the inspection, the motor should be disassembled, whether the bearing quality meets the requirements, whether there is any abnormal noise during operation, and check the brand of the bearing. Also check for rubber seals.


D. The direction of rotation of the motor must meet the requirements

E. Check the electronic circuit board

It is required that the surface of the circuit board is free of stains and damage, the circuit is clear, and the connection is firm. View the circuit board model (and production date)

F. Appearance and inner check
Check whether the appearance and internal structure of the electronics meet the requirements

G. Workmanship Check

No damage, cracks, stains, corrosion, or obvious scratches are required

H. Test

It is required to test the power, speed, torque, and other parameters of the product. Within 5 seconds before the motor starts, the current and power must not exceed the specified values.


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