Table tennis (Pingpeng) racket game standards


Most table tennis rackets purchased by people for entertainment are just for the convenience of playing, and amateur table tennis players who choose to participate in the game need to pay more attention when choosing a table tennis racket. This purchase racket is used for training and competition, so that it will not be replaced on the field, which will cause the racket to fail and increase the risk of the game.

Table tennis racket standards required by the game

1. The size, shape and weight of the racket are not limited, but the bottom plate should be flat and hard.

2. The thickness of the bottom plate should be at least 85% of natural wood. The adhesive layer of the reinforced bottom plate can be made of fiber materials such as carbon fiber, glass fiber or compressed paper. Each adhesive layer does not exceed 7.5% or 0.35 mm of the total thickness of the bottom plate.

3. The surface of the racket used to hit the ball should be covered with a layer of ordinary granule glue with the particles outward, and the thickness of the adhesive should not exceed 2 mm; or covered with sponge glue with the particles inward or outward, with the adhesive, the thickness No more than 4 mm.

4. "Common particle glue" is a layer of natural rubber or synthetic rubber without foam. The particles must be distributed on the entire surface with an average density of not less than 10 particles per square centimeter and not more than 50 particles.

5. "Sponge glue" is a layer of foam rubber covered with a layer of ordinary granular glue, generally the thickness of the granular glue does not exceed 2 mm.

6. The covering should cover the entire surface, but not beyond its edge. The part close to the grip and the finger grip can be uncovered or covered with any material

7. The bottom plate, any interlayers, coverings and adhesive layers in the bottom plate should be a whole with uniform thickness.

8. Regardless of whether or not there is a covering on both sides of the racket, it must be matte, with one side bright red and the other side black. The wrapping edge on the edge of the body should be dull and not white.

9. Due to accidental damage, wear or discoloration, there is a slight difference in the integrity of the surface and the consistency of the color. As long as the performance of the face is not significantly changed, it can be used.
10. At the beginning of the game and when the athlete needs to change the racket during the game, he must show the opponent and the referee the racket he will use and allow them to check it.

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