Why we need Pre-shipment Inspection


For friends engaged in international procurement, they should not be unfamiliar with Pre-Shipment Inspection. This is a process which inspectors conduct the inspection and testing of the completed goods at the production site. It includes a series of inspections and verifications of workmanship, quantity, size and weight, Logo and Label, product packaging, of finished products to ensure that the goods meet the order requirements and the safety standards of target market.

With the increasingly fierce competition in the retail market and the increasingly perfect laws, buyers' requirements for product quality are becoming higher and higher. Pre-shipment inspection is used as the last quality control procedure in the production plant. It plays a vital role in your quality management.

A. Improve efficiency.

The pre-shipment inspection can verify the complete product information such as the appearance, workmanship, quantity, LOGO printing, etc. of the product without interfering with the normal production of the factory, and there will be detailed photo records as the basis for judgment. The buyer can receive the complete pre-shipment inspection report on the second day of inspection, so that the shipment can be quickly approved or the order rework plan can be specified.

B. Reduce procurement costs.

If your supplier is in China, in order to control the product quality, a QC office may be set up in China. This is a very direct and effective quality control program, but the cost will also be high, and it will generate various expenses. It is very convenient to entrust a third-party inspection agency to perform pre-shipment inspection for you. You only need to pay the inspection fee to enjoy the most professional inspection services.

C. Avoid the risk of recall.

If you do not want to be surprised to receive some unexpected defective products, it is best to figure out the actual quality of the product before it is shipped from the factory. In particular, you have to find some potential problems before payment, otherwise you will go to the supplier to negotiate quality problems afterwards, and you may encounter some unexpected difficulties.

In order to avoid rework, repair or even recall of defective products after receiving the goods at the destination, arranging a pre-shipment inspection is your most sensible choice.

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