Advantages and disadvantages of local third-party inspection companies in China


China's third-party inspection companies started late. With the rapid expansion of the inspection market, more and more capital and professional talents have flowed into the quality inspection industry. The number and scale of local inspection companies in China are also gradually increasing, such as NBN Inspection, V-trust, AQF.
At the same time, internationally renowned third-party inspection companies are also conducting inspection and testing services in China. They started earlier and have a large number of customers, occupying most of the market share, such as SGS, TUV, Intertek, BV.

Let's analyze the advantages and disadvantages of local third-party testing companies in China.



A. Flexibility

Local inspection companies in China have more relaxed time limits for the reservation and cancellation of inspection services. For example, they can conduct inspections on the second day after the reservation or on the day of the reservation. If you cancel or postpone the inspection on the day before the inspection, it is free, or a relatively small fee will be charged.

The inspection report and inspection process can be in the standard format of the inspection company or in a special format provided by the customer. Customers' special requirements for product quality or performance tests will also be performed during the inspection process.

B. High efficiency

Many Chinese third-party inspection company employees work longer hours and can respond to customers in a timely manner, saving time for communication and confirmation.
In addition, the inspector can work on Saturdays, Sundays or some holidays, most of them will not take additional fees or charge less.

C. Learn more about factories in China

Because most of the employees are Chinese, all local third-party testing companies in China know more about Chinese factories, production processes and quality levels, and can formulate quality control plans based on actual conditions.

D. Price advantage

The scale of China ’s third-party inspection companies is relatively small, and the company ’s structure is simple, which avoids huge management costs and makes the final price more competitive.


A. Authoritative

Some international third-party testing companies have already launched inspection and testing services in Europe and the Americas. They have also participated in the formulation of a large number of regional industry quality standards, such as TUV in the field of electrical appliances industry, so their authority has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, Chinese inspection companies can only refer to their standards.

B. Testing Equipment

Although many third-party inspection companies in China can provide laboratory testing services, very few have their own laboratories and testing equipment, and most of them are entrusted to other testing institutions for testing.

C. Service area

Most third-party inspection companies in China can provide Pre-Shipment Inspection / During Production Inspection / Container Loading Inspection / Full Inspection / Factory Inspection(Manufacturing Audit) /Lab testing.

In addition to these services, international third-party testing companies can also provide comprehensive services such as technical guidance, environmental monitoring, and project management.


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