Why is Chinese third-party inspection quotation different?


As the world's manufacturing power, China produces thousands of goods to be shipped around the world every year, quality inspection is an important part of this process. Many Chinese third-party inspection companies can provide quality inspection and quality control services to global buyers.
Most of the third party inspection company is sending inspectors to factory to field sampling inspection form, thus received the order of detailed information, such as finished quantity, packing details, Label and Logo, product dimension and weight, Workmanship, performance testing, etc.
If you are international purchaser which have the demand of quality inspection, and contacted some inspection companies, or visit their company's web site, you may find that there's quotation was big difference, this article will analyse the cost of Chinese third party inspection agency and why the price difference between them so big.
The companies that can provide quality inspection services in China are generally divided into three categories, and we will make specific analysis according to different types of companies.
The first category is the world's famous third-party inspection institutions, such as SGS, TUV, BV and Intertek. In addition to quality inspection and factory audit, they also provide quality certification, technical services, engineering management and consulting, environmental monitoring and other services. They set up offices in China for administration, order arrangement, inspection report review, laboratory testing, customer service, etc., and hired inspectors near various manufacturing areas in China so that they could get to the inspection site in the shortest time and save on travel expenses.
These inspection institutions have their own laboratories in China, which can provide customers with a variety of testing services, such as chemical composition testing of clothing fabrics, physical properties testing of mechanical products, safety testing of electrical appliances and so on.
They are the international authoritative third-party testing institutions. Due to the high operating costs, including the investment in laboratory equipment, the management costs are very high. Therefore, their quotation is the highest, and the inspection cost is about $300 to $400 / man-day.
The second category is smaller third-party Inspection companies, whose main business is Quality Inspection/Factory Audit/Container Loading Inspection service, such as NBN, Qima, v-trust and AQF. They are all capable of providing professional third-party Inspection services in China, and the cost of Inspection is relatively low, ranging from $200 to $300 / man-day.
These inspection companies will send special inspectors to inspect different kinds of goods, such as clothing inspector, furniture inspector, toy inspector, electrical inspector, etc. This can ensure the professionalism of inspection services, inspectors have the ability to find a variety of potential quality defects and safety risks.
The authority of the inspection report of these companies is not as good as that of the third-party inspection companies in the first category, but the accuracy and efficiency of the inspection are similar, it is a good choice for many buyers.
The third type of inspection company is in the form of digital network platform -- Internet + inspection. In fact, such companies can also be understood as IT companies with strong IT technical support.
These companies use more than 90 percent of their part-time inspectors, and individual inspectors across China can get inspection assignments by simply registering on their online platforms.
The cost of inspection is very cheap, about $150 / man-day, and the efficiency is relatively high.
1.     Their big data interconnection platform collects a large number of buyers' data, including contact information and product information, etc. If these information is leaked, it will be a big trouble.
2.     The audit process of part-time inspectors is simple. Sometimes it is not possible to send special inspectors to inspect the corresponding products.
3. Due to the low price, the lack of specialized inspection and coordination personnel, and the lack of control over inspection points, many inspection processes only need to take some pictures and put them on the report, which brings potential risks to product quality control.

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