How to choose Full Inspection or Random Inspection



When your order is 100% complete, it is essential to inspect the quality of the product before shipment to help you understand the details of all aspects of the product and the overall quality level. You can also make a rework plan according to the inspection report if the product quality does not meet your expectations.


Generally speaking, the inspection before shipment is divided into random sampling inspection(PSI) and Full Inspection(FI). We should choose the most suitable type of inspection according to the actual situation. Specific factors should be taken into consideration:


A.PSI is suitable for the following factors

1. Large output, large batch, and continuous production cannot perform full inspection

2. Destructive tests

3. Some level of defective products are allowed

4. Reduce inspection time and cost

5. Consumers' expectations of quality are not harsh






B. Conditions suitable for Full Inspection

1. The small batch

2. The inspection process is simple and will not waste a lot of time and inspection cost

3. Defective products are not allowed to exist

4. The factory's quality control ability is insufficient, and the defective rate exceeds the customer's expectation




Additional Notes:

During the full inspection, the inspector will repeatedly inspect the product again and again, which will inevitably cause fatigue of vision or energy. Therefore, the inspection result may not be 100% correct, but it can be basically correct. Therefore, the full inspection is the most reliable method to control the quality of the goods.


PSI is a random sampling method of goods according to the sampling standard. It is impossible to reject the defective goods completely, so there is a certain quality risk. It is a way of balancing economy and product quality.

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