The ability and quality that the third party inspector should have


To be a qualified third-party inspector, we need to know what we do, how we need to do it, and where we stand. There are many different kinds of export goods, each product has its unique production process and quality control procedures, the inspector should be familiar with products of raw materials, production processes, steps, such as the interior of the factory inspection in this way can we more effectively in the process of inspection found that the batch defects, and any errors, to correct the goods shipped within the stipulated time.
A.    What is the third party Inspector
Third-party inspectors are the inspection personnel sent to the factory by the third-party inspection company according to the requirements of the client. They cannot represent the will of the customer, but must conduct quality inspection of the goods in accordance with the principle of fairness and justice. At the same time, the inspection process shall be in accordance with the quality requirements of the client, and all information concerning the quality requirements shall be shared with the supplier.
B.    Work content of the third party inspector
1.    Check whether the goods supplied by the supplier conform to the quality requirements stipulated by the laws and regulations of the destination country or the relevant national standards.
2.    Avoid delivery delays and product defects in a timely manner, and take emergency and remedial measures in the first time.
3.    Reduce or avoid consumer complaints, returns or exchanges and loss of business reputation caused by receiving inferior products.
4.    Reduce the risk of compensation and administrative punishment caused by selling inferior products.
5.    Verify the quality and quantity of goods to avoid contract disputes.
6.    Reduce the high management and labor costs for monitoring and inspecting products.
7.    Check whether the appearance, size, weight, artwork, packing and durability of the goods meet the requirements of the client.
C.    The position of the third-party inspector
Third party inspectors should treat each supplier and each batch of goods in a fair and impartial way. Whether it is pre-shipment inspection or factory inspection, based on professional knowledge to be practical and realistic. We can't overlook every detail defect, but at the same time, we can't exaggerate the degree of every defect. In this way, the overall quality of the goods can be kept in line with the requirements of consumers, and the smooth shipment can be ensured, so as to avoid unnecessary rework and repeated cost of quality control.
Inspection service has become a common practice in the world, it can help the buyer to avoid delivery delay and product quality defects in time, so that the buyer can take emergency and remedial measures in the first time, so as to ensure the interests of both the buyer and the seller, and ensure that consumers can buy the products at ease. NBN Inspection is a professional third-party Inspection company in China. We provide a variety of quality control services in China.


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