Why the annual factory audit of export enterprises cannot be delayed?


Engage in international trade enterprises shall know that the customer requirements of factory audit, after done once, is not once and for all, basically is effective for a year. We often remind export enterprises at least 2 months before the report is due to apply for annual review in time, so as not to affect the subsequent foreign trade business cooperation.  However, many enterprises feel that do not take it for granted, delay and delay, and finally there are big problems.
Why do export enterprises need to apply for audit and submit audit reports in time?  To this end, we summarize the following main points:
1.     Failing to submit annual audit report in time directly affects business cooperation. For example, the most typical Disney factory inspection, they send the factory status report to the authorized suppliers every month, reminding them of the date by which the audit report must be submitted. Once this time is missed, the production authorization issued before will be revoked, and subsequent shipments will be directly affected.
2.     If an enterprise misses the annual examination time, it will need to apply for a new application, which will incur additional fees. A typical example is the BSCI audit. BSCI audit is a 2-year cycle, and the annual audit fee in the second year will be much less than that of the first audit. If the enterprise missed the annual audit time, the follow-up can only reapply for the first audit, spend a lot of money in vain;
3.     Many business opportunities will be missed due to overdue audit. Many factory audit, the first time is because customers have order needs, so the factory inspection, follow-up no new orders, there is no timely annual audit. However, some general audits, such as FSC, BSCI, Smeta, etc., are increasingly recognized by customers. Generally, the factory is required to provide effective reports, most of which are required within half a year. If the report fails, the opportunity may pass you by.
4.     When applying for annual review temporarily, the third party audit company cannot arrange timely, and the audit report cannot be timely connected. Almost all companies need to apply a month or so in advance so that they can plan. Many factories wait until the report is due and then think of the annual audit, at this time the audit company is basically unable to arrange immediate audit.


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