The inspection procedure of solid wood furniture must be carried out before leaving the factory


The particularity of solid wood furniture materials determines the diversity and complexity of its quality control. Here we discuss a series of quality control links of solid wood furniture in the production process and before the shipment of goods, so as to further improve the quality of products.
1. Trial-Produce
Before mass production, in order to test the rationality of product design and ensure the feasibility and smoothness of mass production, technical personnel make one or several samples according to engineering drawings, process documents and quality standards. The design structure, engineering drawings, process documents, templates and templates are then checked for feasibility and accuracy by quality assurance technicians.
2. First piece confirmation
The first piece is the first qualified piece in mass production. Operators shall make the first piece in accordance with engineering drawings, process requirements and quality standards when starting up, changing molds, repairing molds, equipment maintenance and material replacement every day.
The first piece of inspection is not qualified, so the product cannot be mass-produced. First piece confirmation extension that processing first piece confirmation, assembly first piece confirmation, paint first piece confirmation, packaging first piece confirmation.
3. Try to assemble
Since there must be some errors in the machining process, the trial assembly can verify whether the errors are reasonable. In mass production, several sets of parts (including wood-based panels, solid wood, resin, hardware, marble, glass mirrors, cushions and backrests) should be sampled and assembled together.
The trial assembly products must be fully qualified. In order to ensure that the trial assembly products are fully qualified, relevant parts and components need to be prepared for synchronous supporting production. Trial assembly of product parts and whole trial assembly.
 Component trial assembly is assembled from parts, such as dresser drawer panel, side panel, bottom plate, back plate and other parts try to assemble into the drawer of this part; Integral try to assemble is to be assembled by component and become, wait for the complete assembly such as the box before the box that is like dresser, after box, drawer, face plate, side board, door to become complete dresser.
4. Moisture content
When the moisture content of wood changes greatly, the uneven internal stress inside the wood will make the wood appearance deformation, warping, cracking and other major defects. In general, the water content of solid wood in Jiangsu and Zhejiang is controlled according to the following standards: solid wood preparation stage is controlled between 6% ~ 8%, machining stage and assembly stage is controlled between 8% ~ 10%.
The moisture content of three plywood is controlled between 6% ~ 12%, and that of multilayer plywood, particleboard and medium density fiberboard is controlled between 6% ~ 10%.
5. Finish
Solid wood furniture should be decorated with paint to increase the appearance of the product. Before painting, the wood surface should be sanded and sanded to ensure that the paint effect is easy to control.
6. Color check
The products on the paint coating line must be sampled and compared with the original color swatches provided by the customer at regular intervals (usually 2 hours) to monitor the brightness and effect of the paint. If there is any deviation, the process can be modified in time.
7. Tri-inspection (self-inspection, mutual inspection and patrol inspection)
1) Self-inspection: after the first inspection, the operator must conduct independent inspection on the products processed by himself during mass production. Operators must understand product characteristics, work instructions, quality standards, inspection methods and important process parameters before operation. If the operator finds any quality abnormality during inspection, it should be shut down and corrected in time.
2) Mutual inspection: in the assembly line production, the operator shall spot check the parts of the previous process.
3) Patrol inspection: if IPQC finds abnormal product quality or defective products during the production tour inspection, it requires improvement or suggests to stop or stop production, and it will be corrected in time.
8. Final inspection
All the products to be packed into the packing workshop must be fully inspected by FQC, and the qualified products shall be labeled with yellow "QC Pass ".
9. Sampling inspection after storage
In the finished product warehouse, select a certain proportion of the products for sale and shipment, according to the process standard and quality standard to carry out careful inspection on the safety performance, functional structure, appearance size, overall beauty, packaging protection, shipping marks of the products.
10. Performance testing
In order to ensure the reliability of raw materials and finished products, durability and function testing must be done.
11. Test the reliability of equipment
Periodically check the humidity meter, vernier caliper, screw micrometer and temperature and humidity meter to ensure the accuracy of the test results.


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