How to choose a household vacuum cleaner


The most important test index of vacuum cleaner is clean ability,  but when choose and buy cannot consider the clean ability only.
For example, a horizontal vacuum cleaner is the best, but it's too heavy and noisy for women to use. Hand hold vacuum cleaner deft, but suction can be poor a few, endurance ability is limited also, the likelihood does not suit the user with high requirement to clean ability.
Therefore, the most important thing for household vacuum cleaners is to choose the right model for yourself!
Household vacuum cleaners are now the mainstream horizontal and hand-held, this article will share with you how to choose these two kinds of vacuum cleaners!
Horizontal vacuum cleaners are the largest market share of household vacuum cleaners.
Advantages: large suction and durable, plug use without considering battery life, large dust capacity, relatively cheap price.
Insufficient: loud noise, bulky appearance, use to drag the fuselage is not convenient.
Horizontal vacuum cleaner is suitable for users with higher requirements for cleanliness, because clean and meticulous need lasting large suction, this is the advantage of horizontal, if the home area is very large, then it is more recommended horizontal vacuum cleaner.
Handheld type vacuum cleaner is also called rod type vacuum cleaner, it is the vacuum cleaner that is more popular in recent years, appearance is small and delicate, appearance level is very high.
Advantages: light body, mostly rechargeable, do not have to consider the problem of wire, whether it is the ground or high, can be convenient to clean, with a variety of brush head can clean sofa, bed, car seat, keyboard gaps and so on.
Insufficient: the power is generally not high, the suction is much worse than the horizontal, in addition to the general endurance, the battery use time for a long time attenuation will be more obvious, and the price is generally higher.
Handheld vacuum cleaner suits to face the user with higher requirement of convenience, the user that raises a pet to the home is more practical additionally, clear sofa bed can be said to be very convenient.
When you determine the type, buy to know the following points:
1.   Pay attention to the intake power.
The power of the vacuum cleaner is divided into service power and suction power.
The power used refers to the power of the fan. The horizontal vacuum cleaner is generally between 1000W-2500W, and the power of the hand-held vacuum cleaner is between 300W-600W.
Inhalation power refers to the embodiment of suction. Horizontal vacuum cleaner is generally between 200W and 500W, and handheld vacuum cleaner power is between 20W and 150W.
Generally speaking, the inhalation power reaches more than 20% of the power used, even if it is better.
Take the horizontal vacuum cleaner for example. The power of product A is 1000W, and the suction power is 200W, while the power of product B is 1200W, and the suction power is 300W. The comparison between the two is naturally superior to that of product B. You can also calculate the product parameters by yourself when choosing and purchasing, which represents the quality of the fan and the design of the air duct of the product.Handheld vacuum cleaner when the choose and buy can also refer to this contrast train of thought.
2.   Pay attention to the way of dust collection.
The dust collection mode of the vacuum cleaner is divided into dust bag type and dust box type. The horizontal vacuum cleaner has two kinds, and the handheld vacuum cleaner has only dust box type.
Dust bag type vacuum cleaner work, the inhaled air and dust through the dust bag, dust left air discharged, this way of dust removal efficiency is high, the machine performance is stable, not because of other factors affect dust removal.
The disadvantage is that it is not convenient to clean. After using it several times, it is necessary to replace the new dust bag. The consumption of the dust bag is also a cost for the user.
Dust bag type vacuum cleaner is suitable for users who do not like cleaning dust, especially those with sensitive respiratory tract. Dust cleaning may cause allergies. In this case, it is recommended to choose dust bag type.
Dust boxes can be cleaned with water, and many brands of dust collection boxes are designed to open the lid with a single click to facilitate the user to pour out the collected dust.
Buy dust box type vacuum cleaner, be sure to choose a product with gas and dust separation technology, because the dust box can not be filtered, gas and dust separation can use centrifugal force to keep dust in the dust box, air from the outlet discharged.
Because the gas and dust separation can not completely separate the dust, part of the dust will be discharged through the air outlet, so the air outlet of the dust box vacuum cleaner must be configured with a filter screen, HEPA filter is the best.
If a brand of gas and dust separation technology is general, the product air outlet filter level is not high, this kind of do not buy, otherwise the vacuum cleaner will eliminate a certain amount of dust at work.
3.   Pay attention to additional features.
Horizontal vacuum cleaner pays attention to wire length and closing line means, wire length is in 7 meters or so generally very convenient, some models operating radius can reach 11 meters, the line is long receiving is a problem, some models have a key automatic closing line function, can be said to be very practical.
Handheld vacuum cleaners need to pay attention to the battery life and the number of accessories, the battery life is related to the lasting clean, the number of accessories determines how much the vacuum can expand the function.
The noise problem should not be too concerned, because the noise of each brand is very high, whether horizontal or hand-held vacuum cleaner between 60 decibels and 80 decibels.
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