How to inspect wooden toys


Since most of the users of toys are infants and young children, we will put safety first when performing the inspection of wooden toys, including whether the chemical composition exceeds the standard and the structural safety of the product.
Inspect method:
1.   Moisture content: Detect with a wood-specific moisture meter.
2.   Chemical composition: Inspect according to the corresponding local test methods of the target market.
3.   Dimensions: Check with vernier calipers and steel rulers.
4. Appearance inspection: Under the 40W fluorescent lamp that the product is 1~1.2m away from the light source, visually inspect it, and the inspection sight distance is 300~450mm.
5. Building blocks, stickers, puzzles and assembled toys should be stacked, spliced ​​or assembled and disassembled separately.
 6. The flatness inspection of the wheel landing and the runout inspection of the wheel end face should be carried out when pulling the toy.
7. Connect one end of the rope to the fixed point and the other end to the product, with a distance of 500mm, and drop the toy from the fixed point 3 times naturally to check whether the product is deformed or damaged.
8. The timbre of the audio toy, audition for each scale is checked by hearing.
9 In the case of conforming to this standard, the product can establish a physical sealing sample standard for specific comparison inspection of text color registration, pattern, shape, action, sound, etc.

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