What are the size and weight requirements of Amazon FBA?



Many Amazon sellers wanted to ship the goods to the FBA warehouse in the United States, but some were rejected by the FBA warehouse due to packaging (labeling) and other problems. In order to avoid rejection of the goods, it is still necessary to know some precautions regarding the packaging and size of Amazon FBA.
A. Size and weight requirements of Amazon FBA
1. FBA regulations of the United States
The weight of a single outer box cannot exceed 22.7kg (50lb). This is the rigid standard of FBA based on the efficiency of cargo operation. If a single outer box exceeds 22.7kg (50lb), it must be labeled "Team lift" on all sides and on top of it, and if it exceeds 45.4kg(100lb), it must be labeled "Mech lift" on all sides and on top of it. Jewelry, watches and other valuables should not exceed 40 pounds.
The size of the outer box shall not exceed 63.5cm (25 inches) on either side.
There is no specific size requirement for the case that a single product is loaded into one outer box, so the maximum box size of UPS can be followed. (UPS website: Length + circumference not exceeding 419cm (165 inches), length less than 270cm (108 inches)
Tray limit: 1.2x1x1.8M, no more than 1500 pounds
However, the requirements of each region are different. In Japan, the FBA is no more than 15kg, and the excess weight label should be affixed around and above the outer box.
You can't use big trays in Japan
European stations require no more than 22.7kg. If the weight of the outer container is 15-22.7kg, at least two sides of the label team work or overweight container, jewelry and other goods should not exceed 15kg.
Tray limit, 1.2x1x1.8, UK is 1000kg, others are 500kg
2, in order to ensure that the product is not easy to damage, as far as possible to reduce the space inside the carton. Choose the right carton packing according to this standard.
3. If the cartons are also sold together, such as a package of products with a total weight of more than 30kg, they must be packed on a pallet.
4. In order to distinguish the goods FBA, the outer boxes are required to paste national standards. The UK FBA head national standard is a square with a side length of 4cm. The national label is pasted on the top right corner of the side of each carton, two sheets.
B. Selection of packaging materials
1.      Amazon has unified commodity packaging standards for all countries in the world, and uses standard six-sided cartons for commodity packaging.
2.      Do not use damaged cartons (partially or completely damaged) or contaminated cartons (with large stains around) to pack the goods.
3.      Do not use biodegradable packaging (titanium dioxide) to pack the goods.
4.      Do not use soft and easily damaged cartons (cheap, poor quality, too thin cartons). The packing must be strong enough to withstand any external pressure during transportation.
5.      The stuffing in the carton shall not be filled with loose materials (such as foamed plastic or shredded paper), but shall be made of materials acceptable to Amazon. For example, use large pads, air mattresses, whole sheets of paper, molding foam, etc.
6.      When using recycled cartons, ensure that each position of the cartons is intact.
7.      The carton cannot be fixed or sealed with large staples or nylon fiber packing tape.
8.      When transporting various packing cartons, do not bind the cartons with packing belts, elastic belts or other belts.
9, do not add padding, protective board, cardboard and so on around the carton.
9.      Unless the carton size of a single item exceeds the standard, the size of any side of the carton shall not exceed 63.5 cm.
10.    Do not send cartons with the same size as the tray.
The rejected goods need to be sent back to the original place for repacking and warehousing, which will take about a week, which will not only cause additional costs, but also delay the warehousing time of the goods. Therefore, before shipment, the packing of the goods must be carefully checked for compliance with the FBA warehouse acceptance requirements of the destination country to avoid any loss due to rejection.

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