The difference between Full Inspection and Random Inspection


When your order is finished in the overseas factory, in order to ensure the product quality meets the expectations, you can entrust the local third-party inspection agency to carry out the quality inspection, thus greatly reducing the quality risk of the goods and avoiding the inferior products from entering the market.
Normally, the third-party agency will provide you with two options of random inspection and full inspection. What is random inspection and what is full inspection? Which type of service are you more suited to? Let’s break it down briefly.
1.  What is full inspection
Full inspection is to inspect each unit of products in the whole batch of goods one by one, and make the judgment of qualified and unqualified products for each unit of products, and pick out the unqualified products, that is, 100% inspection.
If there are batch problems in the random inspection report, you may worry that other parts of this batch of goods have the same problems. It is a safe choice to entrust a third-party inspection company to conduct another full inspection.
2. What is random inspection
Random inspection is to randomly select appropriate amount of products from the whole batch of completed goods according to the stipulated sampling scheme as samples, and then check each sample, and make the judgment of the whole batch of products qualified or unqualified according to the random inspection results. The advantages of random inspection are low inspection cost, fast inspection speed, suitable for low and medium value goods, can achieve a certain inspection accuracy, but it can not guarantee 100% qualified products.
In general, we use the AQL standard as the basis, and the client can specify the sampling grade and acceptable AQL value to control the quality standard in the inspection process to meet expectations.
Rules to follow:
If your goods are in 1-500 units, consider a full inspection, as the cost will be almost the same as a random inspection, but full inspection will remove all defective products.
If your product is expensive in unit price or sold on Amazon, we recommend full inspection, so as to avoid the return due to quality problems.

If your goods fail to pass the first random inspection, we may consider a full inspection to ensure the quality of the bulk goods.



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