How does the resident inspector of the Third-party agency work?


The role of the resident inspector
The resident inspector assigned by the third-party inspection agency must have a good understanding of the production process and quality requirements of the product, so as to better perform a series of quality control tasks. From raw material warehousing inspection to each processing link, and then to the final product inspection. Ensure all critical batch quality problems are found in time and assist factory to improve product quality. According to the client's quality requirements, smoothly promote the order production.
The work content of the resident inspector
A. Routine work arrangement:
1. Carefully read and understand all information about the order, including design, packaging, dimensions, weight, materials, confirmation samples, etc. If the information provided by the customer is inconsistent with the content provided by the supplier, it should be confirmed and corrected in time.
2. Evaluate the plant's production capacity, quality control level, and fully understand the plant's weaknesses. In the daily inspection to prevent the possibility of these problems, and do a full emergency plan, starting from the details, the fastest speed to completely solve the problem.
3. The resident QC should keep close contact with the quality department of the company and communicate with both sides to minimize all quality problems as far as possible.
B. Quality control procedures in the production process:
1. After delivery of raw materials to the factory, supervise the inventory and inspection process of the factory. If there is any quality problem of raw materials, take photos and record them.
2. After the production of the order, if the material loss exceeds the predetermined amount, the relevant personnel must be informed by email.
3. In the early stage of production, it is necessary to conduct sufficient semi-finished product inspection after each process. If there is any problem, it is necessary to timely report to the responsible person of the factory and the corresponding management personnel, supervise and assist the factory to implement the rectification, and fill in the inspection form.
4. After the first finished product is produced in each workshop, comprehensive and detailed inspection shall be carried out, inspection report shall be issued, and samples shall be kept.
5. Make detailed records of the daily production progress, finished products and quantity of production equipment, and supervise the production progress according to the production schedule.

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