China's intelligent Manufacturing from the World Cup


The Qatar World Cup is in full swing. From the construction of the stadium to the container hotel outside, from the flagpole for the opening ceremony to the shuttle bus, Jiangsu elements can be seen everywhere. Intelligent operation system, "high volume weight" sandwich board, new mode of production and delivery... All kinds of high and new technologies witness the strength of "intelligent manufacturing in Jiangsu".
The "Jiangsu Smart Manufacturing" is a vivid epitome of China's entry into the World Cup and participation in other countries' manufacturing competition. In terms of brand, infrastructure, communication system and a series of intelligent solutions, "Made in China at the World Cup is like a sky full of stars", showing the strong strength of "intelligent made in China".
From the original plush toys, scarves and other peripheral souvenirs, to the construction of energy-saving mobile houses with the world's highest level of the main stadium, the Lussel Stadium, the athletes' apartments, LED display, communication facilities, energy-saving irrigation and other technologies, the World Cup, a sporting event, reflects the growth history of Chinese manufacturing to high-end, intelligent and green.
Trending to "wise", is the inevitable path of manufacturing industry transformation in our country. Made in China is striving to show an upgraded attitude, building a transformation road to "smart made in China" through Chinese science and technology, and building a successful road to the global market by relying on Chinese brands.
In the Qatar World Cup, relying on digitalization and intelligence, Jiangsu won the favor of the world. When Shanghai Construction Engineering (Jiangsu) Steel Structure Co., Ltd. participated in the construction of Qatar Education City Stadium, it adopted the digital technology for the first time, effectively solved the problem of the most critical box ring beam dimension accuracy, and ensured the successful installation of steel structure.
Withstanding the technical test of high temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, Jiangsu Sumeida Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. designed and manufactured backup power supply, so that China's high-end power equipment to illuminate the World Cup... Only by accelerating the integrated development of next-generation information technology and manufacturing can we further accelerate the transformation from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing".
"Green content" has become a clear symbol of high-quality development, and green and low carbon is an important trend of manufacturing development. Organisers of the Qatar World Cup have promised the first "carbon neutral" World Cup. Made in Jiangsu has played an important role in the "carbon neutral" process of the World Cup.
Suzhou New Energy bus shuttles between the hotel and the stadium, providing green travel services for fans, teams and staff; The 974 pitch, built by a container manufacturing company in Yangzhou, is the first "green pitch" in World Cup history that can be completely disassembled.
After the tournament, it will be completely dismantled and donated to countries in need... Taking green as the background color and accelerating the green and low-carbon transformation of manufacturing industry is the only way to the high-quality development of manufacturing industry.
At present, the world economic recovery is still lacking in impetus. However, through the window of the World Cup, the international community has learned about the advantages of Chinese manufacturing, Chinese technology and Chinese brands, and witnessed China's attitude and strength in opening-up. Just like the World Cup, the ups and downs are changing.
High-end, intelligent and green are the inevitable choices for Chinese manufacturing to break through in the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. In recent years, Jiangsu Manufacturing is rapidly moving towards "Jiangsu Smart Manufacturing", promoting industrial technological reform and optimization and upgrading.
Facing the future, it is still necessary to firmly transform and upgrade, deepen digital technology empowerment, accelerate innovation and result-driven, and help "Jiangsu Smart Manufacturing" accelerate its progress.
The Qatar World Cup has witnessed many "smart products made in China" go to sea and encouraged more "smart products made in China" to set sail. As a major manufacturing province, Jiangsu needs to continuously promote the digitalization, clustering and internationalization of advanced manufacturing, strengthen the confidence of "intelligent manufacturing" in the upgrading, seek opportunities for "intelligent manufacturing" in the opening up, and polish the brand of "intelligent manufacturing" in the cooperation, so that more "Jiangsu intelligent manufacturing" can go to the world and shine on more stages.

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