The basic process of factory inspection


The basic process of factory inspection includes: the first meeting, site inspection, document review, worker interview and management representative interview, the last meeting six links.
1. Initial meeting Once the auditor enters the plant, he/she will first hold a brief meeting. The first meeting requires the factory director, as well as directors and managers responsible for production, personnel, wages and safety, and, if possible, union representatives. The purpose of the first meeting is to understand the basic information of the factory, such as the distribution of the plant, warehouse and dormitory, introduce the purpose, method and time arrangement of the factory inspection, put forward the list of documents to be reviewed, explain the methods and requirements of the interview of workers, answer the questions raised by the factory representatives, etc.
2. After the on-site inspection meeting, auditors carry out on-site inspection according to the division of labor. On-site inspection covers production workshops, warehouses, dormitories, toilets, guards and medical offices, etc., focusing on whether children are forced to work in factories, safety, fire protection and environmental protection conditions, as well as factory production and operation conditions. Some customers factory inspection, but also take photos for archiving. The auditor will generally ask to check the workers' canteen when they eat, and check the workers' dormitory during their lunch break to learn more about the real situation.
3. Document review the key points of customer factory inspection. Important documents and records include factory introduction, business license, employee rules and regulations, recruitment registration information, labor contracts, time records, wage system, payroll, welfare policies, safety system, training records, safety inspection and exercise records, etc. Most clients have to check all personnel files, hours and wages for at least a year. Auditors determine whether wages and benefits meet legal requirements by accounting for the completeness and correctness of hourly wage records. Document audit can also be used as a basis to evaluate the overall management level of a factory.
4. Worker interview Worker interview is a necessary procedure of factory inspection for most customers, which usually requires the worker interview to be arranged outside the factory or during non-working hours. The worker interview is a separate conversation between the auditor and the worker representative, aiming to understand the workers' views and experience, understand the management system and operation of the factory, so as to make the audit results more real and complete. Worker interviews are usually conducted in small groups or one-on-one, and factory managers are not invited to attend. Worker representatives are usually hand-picked by auditors rather than assigned by the factory. Attached interview Questionnaire
5. Interview of Management representatives In the whole process of factory inspection, factory management representatives should cooperate with auditors, who will consult and verify relevant issues with management representatives at any time, in order to understand the operation of the factory. In some cases, the auditor will schedule an individual interview with a management representative to confirm the plant's policies and views.
6. Last meeting The final meeting is the last procedure of the customer's factory inspection. There are a few customers who do not arrange the last meeting. Before the final meeting, the auditors summarize the information collected during the audit process and compile an audit result. The final meeting was mainly to inform the factory representatives of the audit results, point out nonconforming items and regulations, standard requirements, and answer the questions raised by the factory.

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