Can product security code be forged?



Can the anti-counterfeiting code of the product be forged? In fact, the theory of fake two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label is not feasible. Even if it looks like the imitation, but can't crack the system, it's still useless. This is the reason why the product security code label can prevent counterfeiting.



(1), two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label will not be fake? It would be arbitrary to say that it cannot be forged at all. The banknotes in circulation use the highest security technology, but there are still counterfeit notes on the market. This is not paper money anti-counterfeiting technology is not good, but the degree of counterfeiting is not the same. Counterfeiters imitate two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels, with the current printing means can also do very similar, but in terms of the system behind, there is almost no possibility of cracking. So we encourage consumers to not only query verification, but also to make sure that the query is done in the right way.

(2) The product two-dimensional code label query method is to scrape off the coating and obtain the digital security code password. Scan the two-dimensional code out of the query page, enter a digital password can verify the authenticity. How do counterfeiters fake it? Fake QR code and password are made, and consumers can scan the QR code of the fake product, but also can jump out of the query page, enter the fake password, and the genuine product prompt appears - consumers have been cheated. This is to deceive consumers by imitating the query interface of genuine products. In view of this problem, we suggest that businesses adopt the multi-number query method to solve the root problem.

(3), when consumers even the product security label can not distinguish between true and false, the product is not able to distinguish between true and false. Anti-counterfeiting labels are so important, can anti-counterfeiting labels be forged? Can the widely used two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting be forged? Anti-counterfeiting technology is constantly evolving, and so is the technology of counterfeiters, and we have to stay ahead of it. Outdated old methods should be upgraded in time, so that counterfeiters can not counterfeit or no profit, naturally will give up fake your anti-counterfeiting label. More importantly, consumers should be able to query their own, can query naturally more assured.

(4) The anti-counterfeiting query method is imitated by counterfeiters, consumers buy fake products in a certain anti-counterfeiting system to verify, and the query result of fake products is genuine. This kind of situation is existing more at present. Counterfeiters can't break into the database and set up their own anti-counterfeiting verification system, mimicking the verification method of the genuine goods, so that the fake can also check the authenticity of the product. The solution is that this article uses the public number verification way, can be solved.

(5), for the company's internal personnel may steal the anti-counterfeiting labels to sell to counterfeiters at a high price, to give you a solution: strengthen the company management, production quantity and the number of anti-counterfeiting labels corresponding one by one, establish the responsible person system. Special person counts the quantity management label, specific to the individual can control.

(6), anti-counterfeiting label is difficult to transfer or copy, can really protect the rights and interests of brand enterprises and consumers, product security can use these anti-counterfeiting technology. Counterfeiters can not fake security labels, brand authentic identification can protect the interests of businesses, with encryption features of the security label, is fully equipped with anti-counterfeiting function. Like the two-dimensional code now commonly used goods anti-counterfeiting mark, do not need Google search will know how to verify, with a wide range of application scenarios.


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