How to identify leather bags


In the inspection of leather bags, how to identify whether the material is genuine requires the inspector's rich experience. We summarize the following aspects to identify:
1. Hand touch
Leather feel more smooth and soft, you can feel the elasticity and toughness are strong; Synthetic leather feels astringent and rigid, and can feel poor elasticity and toughness.
2. Nasal smell
Leather has a leathery smell, with a slight smell of animals; Artificial leather has a strong pungent plastic smell.
3. Ignite
When a small piece of leather is lit on fire, the artificial leather will produce a pungent smell, and the products will be knotted when burned. Derma produces the smell of burning hair, which is powdered rather than crusted and lasts longer than human leather.
4. Vision
The surface of the derma has an irregular granular, but also has an uneven shape, each granular surface has a very fine breathing hole, the pores are fine and compact, irregularly arranged, smooth cortex, the surface is concave and convex; There are no fine pores or lines on the surface of artificial leather.
5. Water absorption
Dip your finger in some water, wipe on the leather surface, if the water absorption is better, that is the real leather; If the water absorption is poor or does not absorb water at all, that is synthetic leather.

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